How To Perform An Oil Change (Very Easy)

Performing an oil change is one of those easy to do jobs that most people shy away from doing themselves, even though they have no idea what it entails. For some reason or the next, they feel it’s something that can only be done by a professional when in reality, an oil change is one of the easiest car maintenance tasks out here. Worst case scenario, you’ll make a mistake and mess up your driveway, but even that is easy to avoid by simply spreading a tarp or a large enough oil pan underneath the vehicle. If you’re thinking about buying a car, this is a good skill to have. I won’t try to explain how easy it is any further, I’ll leave you to be the judge. What you’ll need: 4-5 quarts of oil. Consult your vehicle manual or your dealer for the type of oil you should be using as well as the amount. Oil filter Oil pan or a bucket. Tarpaulin (not required, but recommended especially for your first time) Wrench (depends on the size of your drain plug) How to change the oil Start the vehicle and let it idle for 5 minutes. This will let the oil […]

Reducing The Number of Road Fatalities

Honesty is always a good policy .The benefits may not be seen immediately, but, the evidence will prove that there is much more long term, wholesome gain, from honest principles. Our little heaven on earth is swamped with corruption and it affects all aspects of our daily existence. A lot of the ills which befall us as a people may be traced to the scourge which threatens our existence as a democratic state. Not to lose focus, my concern is with the number of road fatalities we have annually. It has been stated that over 35 million persons have been killed worldwide since the invention of the motor vehicle. That is an alarming figure and we are playing our role in adding to that statistic. We are a nation of roughly 3 million people, and every effort should be made, to improve the life span or the life expectancy of our most valuable asset, – our human resources. Let us assume for once that we are willing to make a concerted effort at reducing the number of road fatalities we have annually. To achieve long term success the following measures may be considered : • Remove and prosecute all the unscrupulous Examiners […]