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More Places To Find Cars For Sale in Jamaica

More Places To Find Cars For Sale in Jamaica

Though 876cars.com provides a wide list of cars for sale in Jamaica, we recognize that we will never have EVERY model out there. On rare occasions, you will not be able to find a type of vehicle that you covet and you may consider a compromise.

We want every customer of 876 Cars to be confident and happy with their purchase so settling should be a last resort. That’s why today, we’ve compiled a list of other avenues you can explore if you do if you do not find the vehicle you absolutely want in our inventory/home page.

  1. Contact Us – give us a call or use the contact page and we’ll see if we can use our resources to find a suitable vehicle for you.
  2. Ten years ago, the Gleaner was the first placed you’d look to buy a car. Today, it is still a thriving marketplace with buyers and sellers in the used car space located all over Jamaica. The Sunday edition is especially filled with them.The best part? It’s easily accessible. Visit any major intersection, gas station or supermarket and you will find the paper available for sale. Open it to the auto section, browse through the hundreds of listings and circle the ones that you’re interested in.

    At the end of your browsing session, call each of the listings you circles and and organize a meeting to inspect the vehicle.

  3. Car Dealers – A semi obvious choice but the trick is to find a good dealer. Most car dealers bring in the same vehicle, bought at the same price and paying the same import taxes but having drastically different mark ups.Because of this, it is important to shop around when looking at dealers and don’t be afraid to try to negotiate. They can either say yes or no.

    In fact, there are some dealers out there who are willing to match or beat a price if you can get a quote lower than theirs. Take advantage of policies like this.

  4. Facebook – There are numerous groups and pages on Facebook where you can find cars for sale. Some of these are general marketplaces while some are specifically made for car buyers and sellers. You just need to find about four or five and then Facebook’s algorithm will take over and start to suggest even more groups and pages for you to scope out.Use an appropriate search term in the search bar to find the first few ones. I just took a quick look by typing in “cars jamaica” and I found a few just like that. One group over 10,000 members and seemed to be fairly active.
  5. ShopinJa.com – This is a popular website that serves as a place for buying and selling certain items; one of which is cars.
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