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Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Jamaica

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Jamaica

Unless you’re always buying vehicles from a new or foreign used car dealer in Jamaica, when you buy or sell a vehicle, you will have to complete the transfer of ownership with the person on the other on of the transaction.

Luckily, this process isn’t very difficult if all the papers for the vehicle are in order. In fact, the buyer and seller don’t even need to be present at the same time; they just need to visit the same Tax Office.

The specific documents needed are:

  1. Certificate of Title
  2. Valid Registration Certificate
  3. Valid Certificate of Fitness
  4. Insurance Cover Note (in Buyer’s name)
  5. Valid Identification (preferably Driver’s License since that also has your TRN on there).
    **  A passport or other national ID can be used but when going to the Tax Office, you should walk with your TRN card just in case.
  6. If a company is involved, a letter of authorization along with the company’s stamp is also required.

If all is found to be in order, the transfer is done on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title in the presence of the Collector of Taxes.

The buyer then pays the transfer fee ($750) and required GCT based on cc rating or cwt/ kilo rating.

The buyer must then acquire his/her own registration plates and submit the relevant receipt(s) and documents for verification to the tax office and to complete the transfer BEFORE placing the new plates on the vehicle purchased.

A point to also note is that registration plates cannot be transferred from person to person. They can, however, be transferred to another vehicle but only by the Collector of Taxes.

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