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Stock or Modified?

Stock or Modified?

What is a stock car? A stock car in simple terms relates to a car in its original state of manufacture from the factory or the auto-maker. When the automobile rolls of the assembly line, ready to be sent to the dealer, or as it appears in the dealer’s show room – that car is a stock car. When we talk about a modified car we are referring to a car that has undergone a transformation of sorts. Specific components on the car are replaced, upgraded, optimized and beautified in an attempt to create one’s ‘own car’ while at the same time improving the overall performance of the car. Depending on the magnitude of the changes made, you may often see car enthusiasts proudly displaying the logos of manufacturers of various aftermarket products on their fenders, windows or bonnets. As such the cars may resemble a typical NASCAR race- car beautifully adorned with logos.

If you value your life here on earth, do not refer to a car as solely a mode of transport, in the presence of a car enthusiast. A car in their eyes is regarded as much more than a mode of transport. That would be similar to saying that the Concorde was ‘just an airplane’. Think of the fellows you see daily, who undergo brain surgery the moment they get into their car, or sit behind the wheel. In an instant they are wearing a game face only matched by professional poker players, they are leaning way back in the seats in an attempt to look ‘cool’, the sun shades are on, even at dusk and you may hear the engine being revved continuously even when the car is not in motion.

The point being made here speaks to the car being an extension of self. What you see is a representation of the individual, his tastes are expressed through the car, his soul is revealed by what he does to the engine, his knowledge base and his ego are bared for all to see, through the choices he makes, in terms of changes to the original platform. When they have the gathering and the bragging rights are up for grabs, his car should be able to stand above all others and speak in a loud voice to all listening ears. The statement the car makes, should be heard from miles around – that this person (the owner of the car), is the King of the Hill, the ruler of the empire, the monarch is alive and well and he is the one sent by the car gods to save our sorry souls.

So the question is – Should you be driving a stock car or a modified car? Stock refers to retaining and utilizing what the factory delivered and serves the basic purpose of getting you from point A to point B.Whether in the lap of luxury of a Mercedes E Class, or in true economy mode as the typical Honda, Nissan, or Toyota. Yes, I am aware that there are a few amazing stock machines available, which are regarded as race-cars for the streets. The Mitsubishi Evolution and the Nissan GTR are two such examples. These are the exceptions,and not many of us will be driving these cars in the near future when we go to make a purchase, or go in search of a car to bring joy to our gloom. So let us realistically ignore those high performance stock cars for the time being and remove our heads from the land of dreams and return to the real world.

If you want much more than that which is provided on the assembly line..

If you want to separate yourself from the masses, stand out and gain your much deserved recognition..

If you want a tangible representation of individual endeavors, a mark which may be easily identified, one which commands the admiration of your peers and also provides the ultimate pleasure in terms of driving experience then a ‘modified car’ is your road of choice to the community’s Hall of Fame.

Maybe the biggest drawback to driving a modified vehicle, however, is that you’ll get higher insurance premiums. Thankfully, there are multiple things you can do to lower your monthly premiums.

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