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More Places To Find Cars For Sale in Jamaica

Though 876cars.com provides a wide list of cars for sale in Jamaica, we recognize that we will never have EVERY model out there. On rare occasions, you will not be able to find a type of vehicle that you covet and you may consider a compromise. We want every customer of 876 Cars to be confident and happy with their purchase so settling should be a last resort. That’s why today, we’ve compiled a list of other avenues you can explore if you do if you do not find the vehicle you absolutely want in our inventory/home page. Contact Us – give us a call or use the contact page and we’ll see if we can use our resources to find a suitable vehicle for you. Ten years ago, the Gleaner was the first placed you’d look to buy a car. Today, it is still a thriving marketplace with buyers and sellers in the used car space located all over Jamaica. The Sunday edition is especially filled with them.The best part? It’s easily accessible. Visit any major intersection, gas station or supermarket and you will find the paper available for sale. Open it to the auto section, browse through the hundreds of listings and circle […]

Reducing The Number of Road Fatalities

Honesty is always a good policy .The benefits may not be seen immediately, but, the evidence will prove that there is much more long term, wholesome gain, from honest principles. Our little heaven on earth is swamped with corruption and it affects all aspects of our daily existence. A lot of the ills which befall us as a people may be traced to the scourge which threatens our existence as a democratic state. Not to lose focus, my concern is with the number of road fatalities we have annually

Stock or Modified?

What is a stock car? A stock car in simple terms relates to a car in its original state of manufacture from the factory or the auto-maker. When the automobile rolls of the assembly line, ready to be sent to the dealer, or as it appears in the dealer’s show room – that car is a stock car. When we talk about a modified car we are referring to a car that has undergone a transformation of sorts.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Jamaica

Unless you’re always buying vehicles from a new or foreign used car dealer, when you buy or sell a vehicle, you will have to complete the transfer of ownership with the person on the other on of the transaction. Luckily, this process isn’t very difficult if all the papers for the vehicle are in order. In fact, the buyer and seller don’t even need to be present at the same time; they just need to visit the same Tax Office.

Pay Less for Car Insurance in Jamaica

For drivers, at least those who abide by the law, one inescapable expense is car insurance. A driver can receive a hefty fine of $45, 000 JMD if caught driving on public roads without it. In fact, you can’t even buy or transfer a vehicle without it. Unfortunately, however, car insurance is no small expense. It may even be the most costly recurring expense for many people such as myself. For others, it is second only to fuel.

How To Perform An Oil Change (Very Easy)

Performing an oil change is one of those easy to do jobs that most people shy away from doing themselves, even though they have no idea what it entails. For some reason or the next, they feel it’s something that can only be done by a professional when in reality, an oil change is one of the easiest car maintenance tasks out here. Worst case scenario, you’ll make a mistake and mess up your driveway

What is 876cars.com

Set to launch in January 2017, 876cars.com will be the number one online source for connecting vehicle buyers and sellers in Jamaica. We also aim to secure exclusive deals and discounts for visitors to make their car ownership experience not only more affordable, but easier. Stay tuned for more.


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